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Within our 6,400 square-foot store we have nearly 5,000 bolts of fine fabric, lots of notions, books and magazines. We are very proud of our home, so if you haven't been in yet, we'd love to show you around!

Monday - Saturday 9:30am - 5:30pm
Sunday 11:00am - 4:00pm

20225 Badger Rd.
Bend, OR 97702
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Monday-Saturday 9:30am-5:30pm
Sunday- 11:00am-4:00pm

December 24th, Christmas Eve - Closed at 3:00pm
December 25th, Christmas Day- Closed
January 1st, New Year's Day - Closed
We will be doing our 12 Days of Christmas "Stuff My Stocking" event again this year starting December 6th. Each day you will have the opportunity to have BJ's Elves add a fun and useful quilting item to your stocking. On the 19th of December your "Santa" can come in and pick it up to hang on the mantle.
Watch our website and your email for more information in the coming weeks.
Day 1
Carbona Dye Grabber
Sale Price $5.62
Regular Price $7.50
You separate Whites from Colors, but you don't only use whites or colors on your quilts. Carbona Color & Dirt Grabber is a clever cloth that attracts all the stray colors in the wash. Your quilt comes out looking just like the day you sewed it. A must have for quilters. Give a box with the quilts that you gift to make sure they stay nice just the way you made them!
Day 2
Sale Price $9.97
Regular Price $14.25
What's the next best thing to sliced bread? The Gizmo!! This handy little tool makes separating chain-pieced blocks quick as a whistle. Keep it next to your machine or iron and reduce your time separating pieces dramatically. It will safely cut those pieces making chain piecing even faster.
Day 3
True Grips
Sale Price $4.50
Regular Price $6.00
Does your ruler have a tendency to slip around when you need it to make that precision cut? True Grips are a must!! These transparent discs will stick to the underside of your ruler creating a non-slip surface. Increases accuracy and safety. Add them to every ruler and template you own. I love mine!!!
Day 4
Roxanne's Glue Baste It
Sale Price $3.93
Regular Price $5.25
Day 5
Hold It Stilleto
Sale Price $9.10
Regular Price $13.00
Day 6
Sewer's Aid
Sale Price $4.50
Regular Price $6.00
Day 7

Day 8

Day 9

This should be in every sewer's tool kit! This glue baste the same as it's big sister, but is just small enough to carry with you to all those retreats. Roxanne's is 100% soluble; use it to appliqué, quilt pieces, do bindings or hems! Will hold even after ironing but comes out in the wash.
Need a third hand that is heat resistant and isn't afraid of getting close to that sewing machine needle? This is the tool for you! One end is a precision Stiletto the other is a heat resistant grippy tip. It's great to use when ironing down those 1/4 in seams and holding your material as it goes through the machine. Try it and you'll use it every time! No more burnt fingers!!
This is a multi-function solution for every sewer! Add it to your spool and bobbin thread to lubricate, thread will glide through your machine. Do you like hand sewing? Add it to your needle to make getting through those fabrics easy as pie. Add it to machine needles, scissors, zippers, presser feetů.the uses are endless!
Day 10

Limited Edition
Stella & ME Lamp

Sale Price $211.65
Regular Price $249.00

Day 11

Aurifil Thread

Sale Price $10.12
Regular Price $13.50

Day 12

1 yard Batik cut

Sale Price $10.26
Regular Price $13.69

Click here to see our 2015 Block of the Month Programs!
It really is all that! This tiny little screwdriver is a must have tool! It has 7 changeable tips, easy to hold handle, and is stubby so you can get into those hard too reach places! At the sale price you may even want more than one! Colors Vary.
It's All That Screwdriver
Sale Price: $ 3.75
Regular Price $ 5.00
These pins are a great addition to any sewer’s basket. They are small enough to not leave pin marks in your fabric. The heads are glass so they won’t melt if you iron them. Use them to hold those precision points together to get perfectly matching seams!
We all get those pesky finger prints on our glasses or mobile devices. How about an adorable way to remove them? These microfiber cloths come in assorted “sewing themes” and will clean off your glasses quickly and in-style, so you can get back to sewing sooner!
Styles Vary.
Clover Boxed Silk Pins
Sale Price: $4.12
Regular Price: $5.00
Microfiber Cleaning Cloth
Sale Price: $4.50
Regular Price: $6.00
We love this thread here at BJ's and for good reason! Aurifil Thread, from Milan Italy, started out as cotton machine embroidery thread, but quilters quickly discovered that Aurifil Mako Cotton Thread was ideal for piecing and quilting. For Day #11 your may choose from our two favorite 50 wt. piecing colors #2310-Cream or #2600 Light Grey.

We will choose a beautiful one yard cut of a batik fabric for you. Batiks are hand dyed and one of a kind which add a unique color pallete to your next project. This is a great deal and a wonderful way to add to your stash.

Due to the wide variety of batik fabric there is no color choice but we promise they are all lovely.
Just when thought Stella lights couldn't possibly get any better...Introducing the Limited Edition Stella & ME desk lamp.

Stella products have always had a simple, clean, modern look to them. And while that has an appeal to an audience, there are also a demographic who loves something a little more vibrant.

Day 12 Bonus

BJ'S Gift Card

We would like you to get everything on your wish list this year... So we are offering a BJ's gift card at a speical price. Pay with cash or check and receive an extra 10% added to the amount of the purchased gift card. If you pay with a credit card you will receive 5% extra added to the gift card! Just have your Santa purchase your gift card to add to your stocking when picking it up, so you can get the other fun items that you REALLY want!

Add 10% if paying with cash or check
Add 5% if paying with a credit or debit card